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Semi Truck Accident Attorney

Trucks and semi trucks and tractor trailers present much more danger than other motor vehicles due to their greatly increased size and mass which increases the amount of damage they can cause to property and to life. Accidents involving trucks, semi trucks and tractor trailers frequently occur on open highways or interstates where high speeds are generally involved. Consequently, accidents involving a truck, semi truck and tractor trailer are usually far more serious than other motor vehicle accidents.

In addition to these considerations, local and state laws also govern trucking and the federal government has enacted a number of regulations that set guidelines for equipment and hours of operation for truck drivers. The different layers of local, state and federal regulation can affect issues concerning liability and recovery of compensation for injuries and losses in a truck, semi truck or tractor trailer accident. These regulations can change frequently in response to new developments in technology or public policy.

Semi Truck Accident Attorney

The hauling of hazardous cargo can also add further complications to truck, semi truck and tractor trailer accident cases. Government regulations on the handling of flammable fuels, hazardous chemicals or other dangerous items can introduce additional legal considerations when determining liability and evaluating compensation that should be paid on a personal injury accident claim. Such hazards can also attract the attention of government agencies concerned with public safety or environmental protection, as well as local agencies with “first responder” duties.

The issues presented in truck, semi truck or tractor trailer accident injury cases are much more complex than those in a car, motorcycle, or other motor vehicle accident. Therefore, an experienced trucking accident lawyer who is familiar with trucking regulations and trucking accident damages should be retained to handle the case.

At Mueller Law Group, we make sure that people who have been injured in truck, semi truck and tractor trailer accidents and their families receive all available compensation for their injuries and losses from careless drivers and the companies that put them on the road.

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