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Mueller Law Group, P.A.MUELLER LAW GROUP, P.A.

“Put our experts on your side!”

— In addition to our extensive knowledge and experience in personal injury law, we are guided by the principal goal of providing the highest level of legal representation to our clients in the most personal and compassionate manner possible. —

Respected Advocates for Accident Injury Victims

Mueller Law Group is recognized as a top rated accident and personal injury law firm in Arizona. We have a well-established reputation as being a highly experienced law firm that provides the highest level of quality and professional legal services.

We have been helping people who have suffered injury or the death of a loved one because of someone’s negligence or misconduct since 1991. We provide accident injury victims and their families the best information possible, and we guide them through the claims process and when necessary, through the legal system. We hold negligent parties responsible for the harms and losses they cause. We spare no effort and no expense in pursuing justice on behalf of accident injury victims and their families. And, most importantly, we care!

Our reputation, honesty and our integrity help enable us to resolve personal injury cases with insurance companies obtaining full compensation for injury or death caused by negligence or misconduct.

Personal Service and Individualized Attention — Communication, Accessibility and Responsiveness

What sets us apart from other top law firms is the personal service and attention we give to each client. Because we are a boutique law firm that takes only cases involving personal injury or death, we are able to maintain our commitment to giving personal one-on-one service and attention to each and every person who comes to us for counsel and representation.

We have excellent communication with our clients. We maintain regular contact with our clients. We also have an “open door” policy with our clients. They may call us at any time to have questions answered, or to set up an appointment to meet in person.

We are accessible and responsive. When our clients call us, they can speak directly with principal attorney George Mueller about their case. And, we return telephone calls within hours – not days.

Compassionate and Caring

We pride ourselves on the high level of service we give to every case, and to the personal attention we give to each client.

But, just as important, you will find us to be compassionate and caring. We know that a personal injury can cause severe hardships for the injured person, and often the family as a whole. We understand how difficult it is to cope with the emotional and economic consequences of a serious injury, and with the overwhelming issues faced in the aftermath of a serious injury or death. Our clients can rely on all of us at Mueller Law Group to work to help them get through this difficult time.

We Take Only Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases

Just as you want a surgeon who does a large number of the same procedures you need, attorneys who limit their practice to personal injury law gain knowledge, insight and experience that will be invaluable to your case. We practice exclusively in the area of personal injury law. This enables us to stay on top of our area of expertise.

The types of cases in which we represent people who have been injured include:

  • Car, SUV and other automobile collisions
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Pedestrian / Motor vehicle accidents
  • Bicycle / Motor vehicle accidents
  • Truck and semi truck and tractor trailer crashes
  • Crashes caused by a drunk or drugged driver
  • Bus crashes
  • Taxi cab accidents
  • Uninsured motorist (UM) claims
  • Underinsured motorist (UIM) claims
  • Wrongful death and survivorship statutory claims

We have the knowledge, training, skill and experience that is necessary to successfully handle any motor vehicle accident injury or death case, no matter how complex it may be. We have the resources that accident injury victims and their families need to make sure their claims result in the highest level of compensation possible. At Mueller Law Group, we fight to get the maximum compensation for you.

Experienced Advocates for Victims of Serious Personal Injury

Mueller Law Group has extensive experience recovering compensation for brain and spinal cord injuries, broken bones and other types of serious personal injuries suffered by motor vehicle accident injury victims.

Not only do we routinely assess serious injury claims but also we fully understand the criteria for properly assessing damages for fatal accident claims, including fatal motorcycle accidents, under Arizona wrongful death law for the family members of people who have been killed by negligent or reckless drivers.

We have successfully handled a vast number of motor vehicle accident cases throughout Arizona involving very serious personal injury or death. Among them have been cases involving:

  • Abrasions on the body and limbs (road rash)
  • Amputation
  • Neck and back injury
  • Brain injury
  • Broken bones and dislocations
  • CHI (closed head injury)
  • Facial fractures and head trauma
  • Herniated or bulging discs
  • Knee injury
  • Muscle, tendon and ligament injury
  • Nerve injury
  • Paralysis
  • Shoulder injury
  • Spine injury

We Are A “Full Service” Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Law Firm

  • We provide you the highest level of quality and professional legal services.
  • We give you personal one-on-one service and individualized attention.
  • We help you handle your vehicle and other property damage claim.
  • We help you obtain a rental car.
  • We recover your out of pocket rental costs and loss of use payment.
  • We recover your vehicle’s diminished resale value.
  • We arrange medical care with experts who will wait for payment until your case is concluded and you are paid.
  • We recover your medical bills.
  • We recover your lost income and employment benefits.
  • We recover compensation for your personal injury damages, e.g., pain, discomfort, suffering, disability, anxiety, loss of enjoyment of life, etc.
  • We handle your auto medical payment benefits claim.
  • We handle your uninsured or underinsured motorist claim.
  • We resolve all liens and claims made against your recovery, e.g., balance billing, ERISA, Medicare, etc.