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What Do I Need To Know About My Car Or Motorcycle Insurance Policy After An Accident In Arizona?

Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents happen every day in and around Phoenix, Arizona. At Mueller Law Group, we make sure that people injured in motor vehicle accidents and their families receive all available compensation for their injuries and losses from all available sources of recovery.

We Will Review All Of Your Insurance Policies:

In addition to making a claim against the person who caused your injuries, also consider all insurance policies under which you might have coverage. After all, you paid for it! In particular, look at all automobile insurance policies for every member of your household and also “umbrella” policies. Many people have more than one policy that might cover a claim.

Gather all such insurance policies in your household for evaluation by us. We will review and explain your insurance policy to you, especially the “Coverage” and “Exclusion” sections of the policy.

Automobile Insurance Medical Payment Coverage:

In addition to your health insurance, your automobile insurance policies may provide benefits and coverage for your injuries. For example, if medical payment coverage is part of your automobile insurance policy, that will help pay your medical bills. Do not authorize any of your health care providers to bill your automobile insurance company directly for payment of your medical bills. If you have “medical payment coverage” as part of your automobile insurance policy, we will make the claim to obtain this benefit for you.

Uninsured Motorist (UM) and Underinsured Motorist (UIM) Coverage:

If uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is part of your automobile insurance policy, it will be available for you under some circumstances. We will explain this coverage and its application in detail, as well as how it may apply in your case.

You should not talk with any insurance company representative, including your own, until after you have talked with us. You should not give a statement to anyone without first consulting with us about the accident. Do not give anyone any recorded statement without first obtaining our legal advice. Do not meet with any insurance company representative without us. Anything that you say is evidence and can be used against you.

FACT! The insurance companies’ goals are to minimize their exposure and pay out as little as possible when a personal injury or wrongful death occurs. Insurance companies use experienced claims adjusters whose job it is to aggressively undermine each aspect of the accident injury or death claim. Their goal is to try to reduce the amount that they pay out, and pay out as little as possible on your personal injury claim. We can determine if the car or motorcycle insurance company’s request is legitimate. If it is, we can provide the information for your response.